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Great New Document Handling Product - Scannx Book ScanCenter 2.0

O.K., let's get one thing straight, it's pronounced Scan-X.
Next, where the libraries have installed these, they've been able to replace many, many copiers/printers and at the same time, reduced cost, waste and increased services available to library customers. There's nothing in it for me, I just think it's a great product.  Watch the video and see what you think.  Do you currently offer these services, let alone with such ease? A document feeder attachment is available if you're working with loose sheets.

If you'd like to know more, contact Sue Cashmark at 415.786.1248 or sue.cashmark@scannx.com. If you're a Supporting Member of SWON Libraries, give me a call for a Consortial discount. ~Melanie

NEO (Northeast Ohio) Regional Library System Launches Emerging TechBits Video Podcast

One of our sister Regional Library Systems, NEO, has launched an Emerging TechBits Video Podcast Series created and hosted by their new Emerging Technologies librarian, Holly Klingler. Her aim is to keep you up-to-date so that you may better serve your customers.  You can find the series on YouTube, of course.  But here's the first one, to whet your whistle.

~ Melanie

In Case You Missed Art Brodsky's WIRED Article on E-Book Pricing

Art Brodsky does a terrific job of outlining the publisher's pricing model and discussing some of the effects in the larger context of society and the digital divide. Thanks to our Board Member, Andrea Owens for sharing this important contribution.
The Abomination of Ebooks: They Price People Out of Reading

"Turning People on to How Vast and Amazing the World Is"

Great article in the Cincinnati City Beat describing the innovative programming and services devised by Steven Kemple, Music Librarian at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. Don't be discouraged by the "trying to keep libraries relevant" comments on the part of the columnist, Steven Rosen.  Just read what Steve Kemple is thinking and about the great things he's trying. Wow! See you Wednesday at his next experimental music performance!
~ Melanie

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