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Borrowing from Other Supporting Member Libraries

Most SWON Supporting Member Institutions which loan materials will issue a library card to any cardholder from another SWON Member Institution and allow patrons from other Supporting Member libraries to borrow materials and/or obtain a library card for the purpose of borrowing materials. 

Lending Libraries may have specific restrictions for SWON borrowers such as yearly expiration dates on cards, reduced borrowing times, or reduced item limits. These policies are set by institutions and may change at any time.

Patrons are responsible for returning the items to the Lending Library and are subject to any fees and fines for late or damaged items per the Lending Library's policy. If a patron does not return an item on time, the Issuing Library agrees to cooperate in the recovery of the materials within legal limitations and in accordance with their own policies.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process or would like to confirm a library's participation in our Borrowing Agreement, please email us at or call or text at 513-239-7739.

To Obtain Materials from Another Library: Information for Issuing Libraries


Issuing SWON Cards
  • SWON has a "SWON Card" or borrowing credential that libraries may print out and give to their patrons to take to other institutions (hereafter referred to as the "Lending Library"). To obtain this card, email

  • Your patron can take this card to any participating Lending Library which loans materials.

  • Searches may be conducted via to ascertain which Lending Libraries might have the materials your patron needs.

    • Call the Lending Library to verify they still own the item and confirm its checkout status.

    • You may want to establish this library's policies and procedures regarding SWON Cards during this call.

Borrowing Procedures
  • Library cardholders will present their SWON Card to the Lending Library.​

  • Patrons may need to show photo ID and/or a library card from their SWON Supporting Member Institution when presenting the SWON Card to a Lending Library. 

  • Libraries don't see these cards often, so if the Lending Library has questions, refer them to us at, or call or text us at 513-239-7739.

To Lend Materials to SWON Cardholders (Lending Libraries)

Accepting a SWON Card
  • When presented with a SWON Card, libraries may ask for photo ID and/or a library card from the SWON Supporting Member Institution.

  • To check out items to a SWON cardholder, libraries may use any method they like to issue borrowing privileges to the patron:

    • Most libraries create a new library card for the patron per their library's usual methods. 

    • Libraries may also use the SWON card itself as the library card. Institutions may place a barcode and (if applicable) an expiration date on the back of the SWON card.​

If you have any questions, you may contact us us at, call or text us at 513-239-7739 or call the phone number of the Issuing Library as listed on the SWON Card.

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